Research Group
Research Team of Professor Zuguo Liu
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Team members:

Professor: Zuguo Liu, Yueping Zhou

Research assistant: Zhen Liu, Caihong Huang, Xiaoxiang Zheng, Ke Cheng

Postgraduate students: Yang Wu, Xiang Lin, Liying Tang, Yiran Yang, JieLi Wu, Zhaolin Liu, Weijie Ouyang, Yi Han, KeKe Ma, Xiaorui Bao, Shaopan Wang


Research Focus: film and dry eye
Tears, secreted from lacrimal gland, meibomian gland and other orbital subsidiary glands, form the tear film on the ocular surface to provide nutrition, lubrication and protection of corneal and conjunctival epithelium cells. The damage of tear film can result in ocular surface inflammation, apoptosis of epithelial cells, squamous metaplasia, goblet cell loss, and other pathologic changes of the ocular surface, which causes various symptoms in patients. In the severe cases, abnormality of tear film can cause corneal ulcer, neovascularization, as well as permanent visual impairment.
The prevalence of dry eye is very high in the nation and the world. About 20-30% of Chinese population is affected by dry eye. Prof Liu’s group has been committed to the research of dry eye epidemiology, pathogenesis, animal models, drug screening, and treatments with research funding from national and local governments. Meanwhile, the clinical center of the eye institute, Xiamen Eye Center, participated and played key roles in many multi-center clinical researches. They are the first in the world to establish a tissue culture model to mimic the pathological changes of dry eye, they also established the stable mice dry eye model by BAC induction. They have published a series of high-rank papers on international and national ophthalmologic journals, and filed several Chinese patents in the field of dry eye research.

Corneal tissue engineering
According to the statistics, more than 4 million people in China are blinded because of severe corneal diseases. However, only about 3,000 cases of corneal transplantation were performed each year in China due to the extreme shortage of cornea donor tissue. Therefore, the development and application of corneal tissue substitutes, so-called tissue engineered cornea, is worth of persistent and industrious investigation.
Prof Liu’s research team is committed to corneal tissue engineering study, including the tissue engineered corneal epithelium, xenogenic tissue engineered corneal stroma, and tissue engineered corneal endothelial. The research projects are supported by the National High Technology Research and Development Program (863 Program) and the Natural Science Foundation of China. In the past three years, they have made major progress in the optimization of tissue engineered corneal epithelium, cell extraction and effectiveness evaluations of xenogenic engineered corneal stroma. In Science supplement issue in April 2012, they reported that lamellar corneal tissue from porcine was successfully transplanted to human, which is the first report of xenogenic corneal lamellar keratoplasty in human.

Recent Publications:

1. Yiran Yang, Caihong Huang, Xiang Lin, Yang Wu, Weijie Ouyang, Liying Tang, Sihao Ye,Yuhong Wang, Wei Li, Xiaobo Zhang*,and Zuguo Liu*.0.005% Preservative-Free Latanoprost Induces Dry EyeLike Ocular Surface Damage via Promotion of Inflammation in Mice. IOVS, 2018 Jul 2;59:3375–3384

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4. Xiaobo Zhang, Xiang Lin, Zhaolin Liu, Yang Wu, Yiran Yang, Weijie Ouyang, Wei Li, and Zuguo Liu*. Topical Application of Mizoribine Suppresses CD4+ T-cell-Mediated Pathogenesis in Murine Dry Eye. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci, 2017 Dec 1, 58(14):6056-6064.

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