Research training

Eye Institute of Xiamen University perennially recruits postdoctoral researchers and individualizes training plan based on the knowledge and research background of each postdoctoral researcher. Our goal is to significantly improve the researchers’ abilities in scientific research thinking, experimental skills, technical writing, scientific research management after 2 years of systematic postdoctoral research training, so that they can lead the team to engage in high level research in this field, and can make important innovative achievements.

Our training plan mainly includes the following aspects:

Scientific Research Thinking Training:

Creative thinking is the key to achieve innovative results in scientific research. Sinceits inception, Eye Institute of Xiamen University has formed an academic atmosphere of free thinking, encouraging researchers to have freedebates and to have the courage to challenge authority, arousing the researchers' innovation enthusiasm and their spirit of exploration of the unknown.

Logical thinking is a prerequisite for successful implementation of research projects. In postdoctoral research training, we emphasize the writing of the project plan, preciseness of experiment design, and timely summary and analysis of the experimental results, to train the logical thinking of researchers.

Experimental Skills Training:

Eye Institute has set up a perfect experiment platform where multi-disciplinary research such as morphology, cell biology, molecular biology, experimentalzoology, clinical medicine, etc. can be implemented; it also has a group of experimental technical experts who master the core technologies. Postdoctoral researcher can carry out targeted experimental skills learning according to their needs.

Team Coordination Ability Training:

During the scientific research training in Eye Institute, postdoctoral researchers will lead a research team of two or three persons, and will undertake independent scientific research under the guidance of tutor, to train the postdoctoral researchers’ leadership coordination ability and scientific research management ability.

Technical Writing Ability Training:

During the training, postdoctoral researcher will be required to undertake writing training of the scientific research project application form, and to complete the application of one or two national scientific research projects. Advisor and foreign chair professors will offer special tutoring in scientific research papers, especially in the writing of research paper in English, aiming for helping the postdoctoral researchers to independently engage in writing the research papers in English and to reach a higher level at the end of the training.

Eye Institute of Xiamen University postdoctoral research direction:

• Corneal tissue engineering research direction

• Eye stem cell research direction