As a key laboratory of Fujian province integrating medicine, teaching and research, Eye Institute of Xiamen University sticks to its own characteristics and development direction on the basis of the existing subjects, runs a coordinating developmentin medicine, teaching and research, and constructs a talent cultivation system basedon undergraduate education.

Teaching Goals and Positioning

Through the scientific theory courses and clinical novitiate teaching, make sure students of clinical medicine (five-year, ten-year and India class overseas students) to preliminarily master common eye disease prevention and controlknowledge, clinical operational skills and dynamic state and progress in the field of ophthalmology.

Curriculum Setting

Ophthalmology (optional), clinical medicine five-year and ten-year undergraduates, total credit hours of 24 credithours. India class clinical medicine five-year undergraduates, total credithours of 78 credit hours.

Undergraduate Tutors

Professors, associate professors of eye institute serve as tutors for the medical undergraduates, providing guidance suggestion for the undergraduates’ learning and development during the schooldays. Eye institute strongly supports undergraduate scientific and technological innovation plan. It subsidizes 1-2 science and technology innovation teams composed of outstanding undergraduates every year to carry out scientific research under the guidanceof the teachers, and to learn scientific research skills and exercise scientific research thinking.

The full-time faculties of eye institute are also responsible for or partly undertake undergraduate teaching work in curricula such as pharmacology, function, physiology, molecular biology experiment, oral English, medical English, medical genetics and cell biology, etc..

Textbook Compilation

Professor Liu Zuguo served as editor in chief of Basis of Ophthalmology, Chinese Ophthalmology (Sub-volume of corneal and conjunctival), Ocular Surface Disease and Corneal Topographic and other textbooks and monographs, and he also joined compilation of other 15 monographs.


Clinical Practice Teaching Base

Xiamen University Affiliated Eye Center is a hospital and teaching base with the most perfect organizational system of national clinical key specialty and domestic ophthalmology speciality. The Center’s operation quantity is more than 40,000 cases, and its business level ranks top in China, in which, myopia operation quantity and corneal transplantation operation quantity came out top in the country, cataract operation quantity came the third in the annual rankings published by the National Healthand Family Planning Commission of the PRC. In 2014, it ranked the top 10 of the “Ranking of China Hospital’s Influence of Science and Technology” in ophthalmological field jointly published by CAMS(Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences) and the Medical Science News. Eye center has abundant clinical teaching resources, to ensure high quality implementation of clinical practice teaching in ophthalmology and optometry.