Cheng Li

Title: Associate Professor

Degree: Ph.D.

Department: Ophthalmology and Visual Science

Research field: Corneal Stem Cell, Corneal Tissue Engineering

Email: cheng-li@xmu.edu.cn

Tel: +86-(0)592-2183761

Professional Experiences:

2011.02-2014.07  Assistant Professor, Eye Institute of Xiamen University.

2015.09-2015.12  Visiting Scholar, University of Kentucky.

2015.12-2016.09  Visiting Scholar, University of Cincinnati.

2014.08-present   Associate Professor, Eye Institute of Xiamen University.

Research Focus:

The integrity and functionality of the outermost epithelium is essential for corneal transparency and therefore vision. The corneal epithelium is maintained by a population of limbal epithelial stem cells (LESC’s) which reside at the junction (known as the limbus) between the corneal and neighbouring conjunctival epithelium. Limbal stem cell deficiency (LSCD) is a disease caused by the loss or dysfunction of limbal stem cells (LSC). In LSCD, the corneal epithelium integrity and function cannot be maintained and consequently epithelial defects occur causing persistent pain and severe visual impairment with marked patient morbidity, often affecting young adults and requiring frequent clinic visits. Evidence from a variety of experimental systems has shown that p38MAPK, Wnt/beta-catenin and Notch signaling signaling pathways play important roles in LSCD progress. The temporal and spatial activation of these signaling pathways and the crosstalk of these three signaling pathways in the occurrence and progress of LSCD will be further studied to elucidate the significance of signaling pathway abnormality on the pathophysiology of LSCD, so as to illustrate the molecular mechanism of LSCD.

Selected Publications:

(link to PubMed for all publications)

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