Yan Qiu

Title: Professor

Degree: Ph.D

Department: Ophthalmology and Visual Science

Research field: Endocannabinoid Signals in Pharmacology

Email: yanqiu@xmu.edu.cn

Tel: +86-(0)592-2183761


1996-2000           Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, B.D.

2000-2005           Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, Ph.D.

2005/8 - 2009/7   Medical College, Xiamen University, Assistant Professor.

2009/8 - Present  Medical College, Xiamen University, Associate Professor.

2015/6 - 2016/6   Sapienza University of Rome, Italy, Visiting Scholar.

Research Activity:

1. Characterization of the pharmacologicalrole of endogenous lipids oleoylethanolamide (OEA) and palmitoylethanolamide(PEA), in the modulation of energy metabolism, inflammation and pain;

2. Research and development of noveldrug candidates based on N-acylethanolamine acid amidase and Fatty Acid AmideHydrolase;

3. Analysis and exogenous modulation of theendocannabinoid system in clinical and experimental samples of inflammation andcancer.

Selected Publications:

(link to PubMed for all publications)

1. Yuhang Li, Pan Zhou, Huixia Chen, Qi Chen, Xiaofei Kuang, Canzhong Lu*, Jie Ren, and Yan Qiu*, Inflammation-restricted anti-inflammatory activities of a N-acylethanolamine acid amidase (NAAA) inhibitor F215, Pharmacological Research, 2018, 1323, 7-14.

2. Yuhang Li, Qi Chen, Longhe Yang, Yanting Li, Yang Zhang, Yan Qiu*, Jie Ren,  Canzhong Lu*, Identification of highly potent N-acylethanolamine acid amidase (NAAA) inhibitors: Optimization of the terminal phenyl moiety of oxazolidone derivatives, European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 2017, 139, 214-221.

3. Yan Qiu†, Jie Ren†, Hongwei Ke, Yang Zhang, Qi Gao, Longhe Yang, Canzhong Lu* and Yuhang Li*, Design and synthesis of uracil urea derivatives as potent and selective fatty acid amide hydrolase inhibitors, RSC Advances, 2017, 7, 22699-22705.

4. Jie Ren, Yuhang Li*, Hongwei Ke, Yanting Li, Longhe Yang, Helin Yu, Rui Huang, Canzhong Lu, and Yan Qiu*, Design, synthesis, and biological evaluation of oxazolidone derivatives as highly potent N-acylethanolamine acid amidase (NAAA) inhibitors, RSC Advances, 2017,7, 12455-12463.

5. Yan Qiu*, Yang Zhang, Yuhang Li, Jie Ren, Discovery of Uracil Derivatives as Potent Inhibitors of Fatty Acid Amide Hydrolase, Molecules, 2016, 21, 229; doi:10.3390/molecules21020229.

6. Ling Chen, Jie Ren, Longhe Yang, Yanting Li, Jin Fu, Yuhang Li, Yifeng Tian, Funan Qiu, Zuguo Liu*, Yan Qiu*, Stearoyl-CoA desaturase-1 mediated cell apoptosis in colorectal cancer by promoting ceramide synthesis, Scientific Reports, 2016, 6, 19665; doi: 10.1038/srep19665.

7. Longhe Yang†, Long Li†, Ling Chen, Yanting Li, Huixia Chen, Yuhang Li, Guangnian Ji, Donghai Lin, Zuguo Liu*, Yan Qiu*, Potential analgesic effects of a novel N-acylethanolamine acid amidase inhibitor F96 through PPAR-α, Scientific Reports, 2015, 5, 13565; doi: 10.1038/srep13565.

8. Long Li, Lei Li, Ling Chen, Xiaoyu Lin, Yaping Xu, Jie Ren, Jin Fu, Yan Qiu*, Effect of Oleoylethanolamide on Diet-induced Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver in Rats, Journal of Pharmacological Sciences, 2015, 127, 244-250.

9. Longhe Yang, Yanting Li, Jie Ren, Chenggang Zhu, Jin Fu, Donghai Lin*, Yan Qiu*, Celastrol Attenuates Inflammatory and Neuropathic Pain Mediated by Cannabinoid Receptor Type 2, International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 2014, 15, 13637-13648.

10. Ling Chen†, Baoying Xie†, Lei Li, Weizhong Jiang, Yang Zhang, Jin Fu, Guoxian Guan, Yan Qiu*, Rapid and Sensitive LC-MS/MS Analysis of Fatty Acids in Clinical Samples, Chromatographia, 2014, 77, 1241-1247.

11. Xiyue Wu, Lijun Han, Xiaolin Zhang, Long Li, Changzhen Jiang, Yan Qiu, Rui Huang, Baoying Xie, ZhiXiong Lin, Jie Ren*, Jin Fu*, Alteration of endocannabinoid system in human gliomas, Journal of Neurochemistry, 2012,120 (5), 842-849.