Zuguo Liu

Title: Professor, Director

Degree: M.D., Ph.D.

Department: Ophthalmology and Visual Science

Research field: Corneal & Ocular Surface Diseases, Corneal Tissue Engineering

Email: zuguoliu@xmu.edu.cn

Tel: +86-(0)592-2183761


Dr. Zuguo Liu is the professor of ophthalmology, the director of eye institute and stem cell institute of Xiamen University, and the chairman of ophthalmology and vision science key laboratory of Fujian Province. He was entitled distinguished “Changjiang” professor in 2002 by the education department of Peoples Republic of China.

Dr. Liu graduated from Hengyang Medical College in 1985, and received his master’s and doctoral degree from Sun Yat-sen Medical University in 1991 and 1996. He did his postdoctoral training in Bascom Palmer Eye Institute from 1997 to 1999. In 1999, he was promoted to the full professor of Ophthalmology. He worked in Zhongshan ophthalmic center from 1991 to 2005, where he was the vice dean of Zhongshan ophthalmic center, the chairman of the Department of Optometry from 2003 to 2005. During 2000 to 2001, he worked as the vice dean of Linhu eye hospital, the director of eye institute in Beijing University eye center. Beginning from 2006, he started his new era in Xiamen, and served as the dean of medical school of Xiamen University from 2006 to 2017.

For the last 30 years, he has been focusing on ocular surface and cornea. He is the council member of Asia Cornea Disease Association. As the founder member of Asia Council of Dry Eye, he is the president-elect. In China, he serves as the standing committee of the Ophthalmology Branch and the vice chairman of Cornea Disease Advisory Board, in both Chinese Medical Association and Chinese Physician Association. He is the deputy editor-in-chief for top journals in China, including Chinese Journal of Ophthalmology, Chinese Cell and Stem Cell Transplantation and Chinese Journal of Optometry &Ophthalmology and Visual Science. Dr. Liu’s research projects has been supported by more than 50 grants. He has published more than 400 papers. As the inventor, he was authorized 10 innovation patents and disclosed 12 patents. More importantly, he established the first ocular surface disease research center and opened the first Dry Eye Clinics in China. He trained a large number of professionals in this area with more than 100 master/doctoral students and advanced training physicians. He was invited to give more than 600 national and oversea talks.

Selected Publications:

(link to PubMed for all publications)

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