CSMEA Ophthalmology Professional Committee Ocular Surface Was Established
Hits: DATE: 2017-01-10

‍‍On November 19, Section of Ocular Surface and Tear Film, Cross-Straits Medicine Exchange Association (CSMEA) Ophthalmology Professional Committee (Eye Committee) was established in Xiamen International Conference Center Hotel.

‍‍Founded in 1993, the CSMEA is a Class A association directed by the National Health and Family Planning Commission. It aims to strengthen public health exchanges and cooperation cross-strait and accelerate the development of cross-strait medical and health services. CSMEA Ophthalmology Professional Committee was established in November, 2015 in Xiamen, with Professor Liu Zuguo, Xiamen University Party Committee Standing Committee Member, Dean of the Medical School, and Director of the Eye Institute serving as the first chairman of committee. The branch is affiliated to Medical School of Xiamen University, and its office is located in the Eye Institute of Xiamen University. Since the founding of the professional committee, it has shouldered the special mission to strengthen cross-strait exchanges and cooperation in Ophthalmology field, and has become an important platform for cross-strait and international scientific exchanges in Ophthalmology. After nearly a year of careful preparation, the Ophthalmology Professional Committee has planned 12 distinctive groups, which will be gradually established in the near future.

‍‍President Tongbin Zhao of the CSMEA attended the meeting and announced the formal establishmentof the CSMEA Ophthalmology Professional Committee Ocular Surface and Tear Film Group. Professor Zuguo Liu served as the head of the group, Professor Xuguang Sun from Tongren Hospital of Capital Medical University, Professor Jianjiang Xu from Eye & ENT Hospital of Fudan University, Professor Jing Hong from Peking University Third People's Hospital, and Professor Mingchang Zhang from Union Hospital of Huazhong University of Science & Technology served as the deputy heads. Forty-six Chinese group members from across the country and the United States participated in the inaugural meeting of the group.Three professors from Xiamen University were elected as the first term members, they are Professor Huping Wu from the Affiliated Xiamen Eye Center, Professor Meizhu Chen from the Affiliated Dongfang Hospital Ophthalmology Department, and Professor Wei Li from the Eye Institute.

‍‍Professor Zuguo Liu pointed out in the inaugural speech of the group that CSMEA will take on responsibilities of strengthening the cross-strait medical and health exchanges and cooperation on the basis of the existing functions of the Chinese Medical Association and the Chinese Medical Doctor Association, and its academic activity range is broader. As the first group established by the CSMEA, the Ocular Surface and Tear Film group will be of great significance with great responsibility. The group should cooperate with other associations in terms of academic complementation, move forward together, and actively respond to thenew policy of "one industry, multiple associations" under the leadership of the CSMEA, try their best to communicate and collaborate with other associations, and carry out distinctive and meaningful academic activities, so as to ensure that participants can benefit from the activities, contribute to the industry, and further make contribution for the ambitious goal of "gather people on both sides of the Straits together, to take the joint efforts to fulfil the Chinese Dream ".‍

(Eye Instituteof Xiamen University, Zhan Gao, Yanzi Wang)